Boxed Rice Versus Bulk Bin Rice Comparison Shopping

You’ve heard the cliche about thinking outside the box.  Cooking outside the box can save you money as part of your clean couponing strategy.Rice3CleanCouponing

We went shopping to see what sort of value we’d find in a staple like rice.  We located the popular brand of boxed rice product and purchased it for $2.00.  This contained 6 ounces of food inside, with a small part of that being dried seasonings.  Nutrition facts on the box told us it would make 3 servings.  When we did the math, it came out to $5.33 per pound of food.

We found rice in the bulk bin of a food co-op that sold for 99 cents per pound — 1/5th the cost of the boxed rice product.  Granted, we would need to add our own herbs and spices, but for that relatively low cost, we could afford to do that.

In this case, our clean couponing strategy did not require a coupon.  Instead, a membership to the food co-op, which provides benefits year-around, afforded us the low member price on the rice.

Other advantages of this particular bulk product we found are:



*no additives to worry about

*no packaging waste

*more flexibility in portions (with a family of 4, I want more than 3 servings)


Here’s what some of the rice looked like cooked up with Siobhan’s foolproof rice cooking method. Ours stuck together a little bit, but overall the texture and taste were wonderful!