Boxed Versus Bulk Bin Popcorn Comparison Shopping

Does your family eat popcorn for family movie night at home?  Is it a snack the kids ask for often?  We always try to stay stocked up on popcorn at our house.


Maybe you’ve seen the wide range of costs for popcorn these days.  We decided to do some comparison shopping.

We found a popular brand of boxed popcorn at the grocery store that cost $3.15 per pound.  In small print the box says it’s made with “non-genetically engineered popcorn.” But when we called customer service, we were told there’s no guarantee that ALL the ingredients in this boxed popcorn are non-GMO.  We have some concerns about the added color and preservatives, as well.  Still, a convenient snack food.

Next, we spotted a USDA Organic certified (which also means non-GMO) popcorn conveniently packaged at the store. No worrisome additives, and it sounds pretty good. But it cost us a whopping $6.26 per pound!

Finally, we found organic popcorn in the bulk bin of the local food co-op store for only 99-cents a pound with our co-op membership.  Hard to believe we could buy organic popcorn without worrying about additives, for just a fraction of boxed store popcorn.  We can add as little or as much of our own flavorings after popping our own fresh popcorn!


An added bonus is no wasteful packaging when we shop and save via bulk bin goods.

Happy #CleanCouponing!