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Frugal by Half

FrugalbyHalfCleanCouponingAre you frugal by half?

Maybe you already use of these common sense ways of eliminating food waste and stretching your grocery resources:

*Bake a large casserole, then freeze half of it to use another time.

*Prepare stovetop items like from-scratch chili and soup, then freeze half for later.

*Bring home half of your restaurant dinner to use the next day for lunch.

*Reserve half of a baked chicken to use the next day for soup.

*Use half as much meat at a meal, replacing it with other protein sources like beans.

*Use half your typical amount of bread for a sandwich.

*Use half as much sugar as called for in sweet recipes, replacing some of it with applesauce.

*Replace as much as half the butter called for in a recipe with Greek yogurt.

*Reduce juices by half with water before drinking.

More Than a Million Impressions from 1st #CleanCouponing Twitter Party!

You did it!  You’ve made a big impression in the Twittersphere with our first ever #CleanCouponing Twitter party in January!  Thanks for joining us for a fast, fun hour of chatting about being frugal with more than money!  We discussed finding coupons and discounts, being frugal and valuing quality.  You mentioned the need to find special food items like gluten free for special dietary needs.  You said you wanted to learn more about green cleaning alternatives, with discounts.  Together, you helped us make more than a million impressions on the #CleanCouponing topic!

Thanks to sponsor Might Nest for giving away  a smart, glass canister set, and thanks to sponsor Stonyfield for giving away an organic yogurt prize pack!

You said that in future Twitter parties we should discuss:

Eating healthy on a budget Shopping for organics

Non-GMO foods

Non-toxic cleaning

Beauty products

Coping with food allergies/sensitivities


You suggested lots of great brands that you’d like to see sponsoring future #CleanCouponing Twitter parties!

Watch here for updates on future Twitter parties, discounts, deals and strategies for stretching a dollar while also being frugal with MORE than money!


Frugal Cooking Basics: Chicken Dinner Plus Stock

Cooking is an essential life skill.  But to someone new to the kitchen, a basic recipe can seem overwhelming.  Everyone should have one meal that they can pull together without a lot of fuss, and with confidence that after all of their hard work in the kitchen, the food they put on the table will taste delicious.


A friend of mine is learning to cook.  She sent me an email about her first week in the kitchen.

Day 1: Tossed out all expired food and spices… which left me with…salt.

Day 2: Spent 3 HOURS at the grocery store.

Day 3: Started getting out ingredients for tomato soup, but then realized it was 10:30PM!?!

Day 4: Cooked brown rice EXACTLY as instructed on package, but it was still WAY too mushy to eat.

Day 5: Severely BURNED oatmeal – stunk the place up for days and created a thick blackened layer on our stainless steel pot.

Day 6: Made chili.  It was good, but the recipe made 10 servings!  What am I supposed to do with 10 servings of chili?!

Day 7: Panda Express

Does this sound familiar to anyone?  It sounds very much like my first months in the kitchen.

So here are three recipes – enough to make a complete meal – that are pretty much foolproof.  And they’re not hard.  I promise.  I’m going to tell you how to make a whole chicken in the slow cooker, rice that’s never mushy, and steamed green beans that everyone loves (and I mean everyone, like toddlers and teenagers and people who don’t like vegetables).  Plus, I’ll even throw in made-from-scratch chicken stock. Continue reading