Clean Couponing Alert: EcoBonus Program Expires Soon!

You may have heard about the fabulous program called EcoBonus that we raved about on last year!  We even tried it, earning points for eco-friendly products we loved and getting coupons for clean couponing savings on the next store trip.


Sadly, EcoBonus has announced it is shutting down this year.  The company asked us to tell you about this as a public service.

If you’re already in the EcoBonus program, you’ll want to hurry to redeem your points and get your rewards before they’re gone!  They say you have until the end of February to upload receipts via the EcoBonus app on your smart phone.  Then you have until the end of March to enter codes for perks from buying packages of Annie’s, Natures Gate and Seventh Generation.

EcoBonus says you have until the end of April to redeem your reward points.  But some of the best deals on rewards are already going fast.   You can see the detailed schedule and more here from EcoBonus.