Clean Couponing at Small Produce Stores

You food that’s fresh and real — so could smaller be better when dealing with grocery and produce stores?

Would you believe that with clean couponing you might get more value, even without the coupon? Sometimes, that’s the case, especially when you’re shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables.

Small, local produce stores are popping up or maybe have been in your neighborhood for several years. Many offer food as locally or regionally grown as possible. And they’re offering organics when possible, too.

How about this deal I got on beautiful red peppers for just 25-cents each? They had passed the peak of freshness for a small store, but they were still grocery store fresh and a great deal!  Our family sliced and ate them raw.

Bananas at 39-cents per pound were also perfect for our family, where bananas are a convenient take along snack. Yes, these were a little on the ripe side, but far from banana bread mushy.

At the typical grocery store I would have paid considerably more for bell peppers and bananas and not had a coupon for those specific items.

Finally, this little store had found a regional source for organic potatoes, understanding that more and more parents want organic foods when possible.  While we paid fair market value for these, they were worth it.  I still struggle to find organic potatoes consistently offered at grocery stores.

What are you finding at your local, regional, smaller food stores?  Are they offering more organic foods these days? Have you asked?  Clean couponing might mean skipping coupons and making local connections on good food deals instead.