Clean Couponing Basics

You want the best for your family, including the best for less money, don’t you?  We all want to save a dollar when we can, yet the health and well being of our families is priceless.  Here’s a fresh approach to using coupons and finding deals:

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Vet Products First

Learn all you can about the food, personal care products, household cleaners and other things you typically use BEFORE you go coupon-clipping or shopping.  This can include ingredients and more information about how products are made. We’ve included a few links below to help with your research.

Get Coupons Directly from Manufacturers

Most company websites offer ways to get coupons for the products you love. Sign up for their newsletter or even send them a nice email note, and many companies will happily offer coupons for their products. This should help you get a consistent stream of coupons for products you’ve already vetted.

Use Store Checkout Coupons and Loyalty Programs

When you have a coupon good for $5, $10 or more off your total purchase at the register, you typically have the freedom to use those on fresh fruits and veggies or other whole, unprocessed foods.

A Coupon by Any Other Name…

Coupon-style savings can come in a variety of forms.  What about the manager’s special at the local butcher shop, the end-of-day prices at the farmers’ market or the savings of bulk bin grains?  Especially when seeking out local food, you might get more for your money than with a coupon.

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