Clean Couponing for Pennies on the Dollar

My moderate approach to being frugal with money, time, health and more means that I don’t always seek out super-low-priced deals.  But this shopping trip to the grocery store was super-frugal and in line with other family values.

What a great shopping visit for clean couponing!  I brought home groceries, while paying only 11 cents on the dollar for them, tax and all.

I bought a basket of groceries that included:  a loaf of locally baked, preservative-free, whole-wheat bread; a pound-and-a-half of catfish filets; cheese sliced in the deli; two jars of organic peanut butter; a box of Stonyfield Organic yogurt squeezers; and organic celery (conventional celery is on the EWG Dirty Dozen list for high rates of pesticide residue).

My bill should have been $33.88 after tax.  However, I had a coupon or gift certificate for $30 off my total grocery bill, which made my grand total $3.88 or 55 cents per item for some high value foods.

This sort of coupon comes to our household a few times each year because we participate in a credit card loyalty program with this particular grocery store. A percentage of what we spend with the card comes back to us in the form of these certificates to use on groceries. Of course, we only only get real savings if we don’t overspend on the credit card and if we pay off our bill each month.

I especially like coupon savings like this at the cash register that allows me to purchase whatever I need.  There are no limits that prevent me from including fresh produce or other whole foods as opposed to all processed foods.

Hooray for clean couponing!  What clean couponing successes have you had lately?

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