Why CleanCouponing.com Prefers Rafflecopter for Sponsored Giveaways


(L to R) Rafflecopter Product Manager Jared Polivka with Rafflecopter Co-Founder Greg Goodson

You’ve been following all your favorite blogs, including FlourSackMama.com and our NEW CleanCouponing.com.  You’ve been seeing occasional fun giveaways, but some of you have been hesitant to enter.  Here’s why you should go ahead and try it!

When bloggers make connections with brands that are a good fit for their niche, for instance #CleanCouponing, it may be something that you’re interested in.  In the case of Honey Dew Naturals sponsoring our February #CleanCouponing Twitter party, the products we’re giving away are from a line I’ve personally reviewed, and I love them.  I appreciate that this family company discloses all of their ingredients and uses non-toxic ingredients mild enough for their own young children.

We prefer using Rafflecopter to run giveaways like this because it provides a third party service that is convenient for everyone.  It’s reputable and used by over 100,000 bloggers.  I recently had the opportunity to meet Rafflecopter co-founder Greg Goodson, who helped start the Boulder, Colorado company.  ”We saw folks trying to run a giveaway and the way they were running giveaways was just very inefficient. So we said to ourselves, ‘we think there’s a need for a product that would make it easy to run a giveaway on your website and blog.’ ” explained Goodson, “That was three years ago.  We’ve been doing that ever since.”

I told Rafflecopter Product Manager Jared Polivka that some people are concerned about privacy when entering contest forms.  He responded, “When you enter into a contest we authenticate and validate your entry and we don’t share that with anyone, so your data is safe.  Basically it’s your name and email address.  The person running that giveaway will know about that. That’s how they select the winner. But otherwise, that data is not shared with anyone else. We protect it and keep it private.”

For this particular giveaway we need you to be sure you’re following both Clean Couponing and Honey Dew Naturals on Twitter so that you can participate in the Twitter party Thursday from  9 – 10 pm Eastern where we’ll give an extra entry word and then announce the giveaway winner after the Rafflecopter system draws it for us.

Plus, Rafflecopter’s Polivka says, “Tweet at us, you might get a shirt!”  So during the party Thursday feel free to copy and Tweet something clever like:

@Rafflecopter I’d love to win a cool shirt from you @CleanCouponing Twitter party! #CleanCouponing rocks & so do you!

Don’t forget to enter below for the Honey Dew Naturals gift package.  Hope to chat with you Thursday.  And later this month on FlourSackMama.com, more of our interview with the Rafflecopter crew about what’s new in the social media world!

a Rafflecopter giveaway