Giveaway: Zoeganics Offers a Fresh NEW Approach to Clean

*The following is a sponsored post for Zoeganics, but my opinions are always my own!

We’re thrilled to have woman-owned green business Zoeganics co-sponsoring our March #CleanCouponing Twitter party on March 6!  If you’ve been concerned about toxins in typical cleaning products but underwhelmed by non-toxic choices on the store shelf, this may be the new product you need to try.  Zoeganics shared five new cleaning products for us to try at home, and we want to let you know how they worked for us.


We’ve all discovered in recent years that the freshly cleaned house smells we grew up with were often deceptively toxic.  Back in the day when I learned about keeping house from my grandmother and mother, who knew we were all breathing in fumes unkind to our lungs and potentially exposing ourselves to nervous system damage, DNA damage and cancer?  I learned that chlorine bleach and, used separately, ammonia products, were my two most useful tools  around the house.  As recently as my youngest daughter’s toddler days, I was still cleaning up bathrooms with bleach products, until the night when she struggled to breathe and thank God we had a rescue inhaler nearby.

My caution ever since then to avoid inhalation hazards around my growing baby girl has prompted a sort of aversion to conventional cleaning products.  Imagine my surprise when I read the ingredient list on Zoeganics‘ new A Glass Act, tried it myself, and was able to let my daughter pitch in to help me clean windows!  Finally, something that conveniently works and doesn’t give off any harmful fumes!


Similar experience with wood cleaner:  my husband still thinks he must spray toxic aerosal from a can in order to dust our furniture. When he uses it, to my chagrin, I immediately open windows and get the kids as far away from the fumes as possible.  I recently showed him how Zoeganics’ new Rise Up & Shine furniture/wood cleaner can get the job done and let us all breathe easy.

I understand that old habits die hard.  After joining in my class on making non-toxic, homemade cleaners, some women have told me they just didn’t want to give up their favorite cleaners with their familiar fragrances.  We now know the term “fragrance” can hide a dangerous assortment of synthetic chemicals including endocrine disrupting phthalates. Too many of us have already lost loved ones to cancer to mess around with known hormone disruptors anymore.


In seeking non-toxic alternatives, we can use homemade cleaners, but we deal with issues like residue left behind from baking soda or concerns about whether vinegar/water mixtures might be too harsh for granite countertops.  In seeking greener, ready made products we can find some that, let’s face it, smell really unappealing.  Or we can check closer to find out some so-called green cleaners still use synthetic fragrances or petroleum products.  Others don’t work as well as our old favorites, so we haven’t been ready to make the switch.

Zoeganics is different.  Multi-purpose cleaner Cleaning is a Breeze smells like aromatherapy to me with its light tropical scent all from organically grown plant sources. The light mint in Bathroom Attendant leaves everything smelling fresh just as it should. The entire line of cleaners is scented only with organic, non-GMO essential oils, absolutely nothing artificial.  Zoeganics has third party verification of what goes into its products via Green America, where it has earned a Gold Seal.  These cleaners are designed to work conveniently and smell fabulous while they’re doing it.


I’m frugal, so I’m still not tossing out my vinegar, baking soda or castile soap.  There will still be times that I’ll use them.  For instance, baking soda followed by vinegar is the most frugal, gentle combo I know to keep toilet bowls sparkling clean.  But if someone else were helping me clean house every once in a while, I’d want to have a Zoeganics combo ready to use in place of yesterday’s toxic cleaners.  My kids like Zoeganics so much that they want their own Cleaning is a Breeze just for cleaning their bathrooms.  I used to be afraid to use certain cleaners when my kids were around — and now they can help?  This is a big win-win around our house!  While cleaning house may still not be at the top of my favorites list, the fresh Zoeganics approach is making it a lot more pleasant and giving me peace of mind.

Zoeganics is offering discount code “CleanCouponing20″ to give & visitors 20% off any regular order.

Mark your calendars for Thursday, March 6 when Zoeganics will be co-sponsoring our #CleanCouponing Twitter party and we’ll learn more about going organic at home.

Disclosure:  This blog has received financial compensation for a media sponsorship with Zoeganics. Our opinions are still our own. Anne now works as Social Media Manager for Zoeganics.

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  1. I find that I’m a lot more motivated to keep on cleaning if my cleaning products have a nice scent!

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