Involvement Grows in Clean Couponing Twitter Chats

(*Sponsored by Zoeganics & SOS From Texas)

You are incredibly involved and concerned.  You want the best for yourself and your family. You read ingredient labels.  You want non-toxic, sustainable products.  You want real value.  And you collectively helped us reach more than 2 million impressions at our March #CleanCouponing chat on Twitter!  Yes, that’s nearly double our first Twitter chat AND we reached 2.7 million impressions with the #CleanCouponing theme in the days surrounding the event.

Congratulations to Dana, Kelly & Sandra for winning fabulous sets of non-toxic cleaners from #CleanCouponing sponsor Zoeganics!  Congratulations to GR, Michelle and KC for winning gorgeous organic cotton gear from sponsor SOS From Texas!

Thanks again to our guest panelists for a lively conversation and for raising excellent points about striving for a non-toxic home environment with organic, non-GMO products:

Penelope Jagessar Chaffer @toxicbabymovie

Anne Parris @notasupermom

Traci Wennerholm @burntapples

Jennifer Evers @3girlsmomma19

Thanks especially to nonprofit @SaferChemicals for answering some of our toughest questions and giving us a free resource for information and advocacy support.  Did you know some 80,000 chemicals in commerce have never been tested for long-term safety? Join the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families movement today to add your voice to doctors, nurses, educators, environmental scientists and parents who say we need common sense reform to improve the safety of our consumer products.

Be sure to follow @sosfromtexas and @Zoeganics on Twitter to show your support for their efforts to make products with integrity in the USA!

If you’d like to chat again with us Thursday, April 10 at 9 pm Eastern, mark the date and please help us get the word out that #CleanCouponing is about being frugal with more than money!

If you have suggestions for educational topics, guest panelists or sponsorships that would be a good fit, feel free to email us at info@CleanCouponing.com.