What about Naturally Non-Browning Apples?

Have you heard about the newest darling of the fresh fruit world?  We were treated with samples of Opal apples during a recent blogging conference.


While these look nearly like a golden delicious, Opal apples are a hybrid between golden delicious and topaz.  Their unique quality is that they don’t turn brown after you’ve sliced them.  They were created over several years from traditional plant reproduction methods in the orchard.

The apples we sampled were conventionally grown, which means they could have been treated with pesticides.  I asked and was told that a few Opal apples are being grown with organic methods, as well.

Opal apples are not to be confused with the genetically modified (in a laboratory) apples currently awaiting approval from the US Department of Agriculture.  They, also are being designed to resist browning after being sliced.  GMO foods are currently untested for long-term health impacts on humans.

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