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Clean Couponing Zucchini

Who wouldn’t want a coupon that gives you 85% off your purchase?  Sounds pretty good to me!

You could be missing out on a win-win for you and your grocery store and the potential to purchase good for for just 15 cents on the dollar.  How?  Sometimes it’s there just for the asking. Continue reading

Clean Couponing at Small Produce Stores

You food that’s fresh and real — so could smaller be better when dealing with grocery and produce stores?

Would you believe that with clean couponing you might get more value, even without the coupon? Sometimes, that’s the case, especially when you’re shopping for fresh fruits and vegetables. Continue reading

Clean Couponing for Pennies on the Dollar

My moderate approach to being frugal with money, time, health and more means that I don’t always seek out super-low-priced deals.  But this shopping trip to the grocery store was super-frugal and in line with other family values.

What a great shopping visit for clean couponing!  I brought home groceries, while paying only 11 cents on the dollar for them, tax and all. Continue reading