Photos Courtesy:  SOS From Texas

Texas Farmers Offer USA-Made Organic Cotton Clothing

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Colorful t-shirts in all sizes, for all seasons, plus tiny baby-sized organic cotton creations fill the online catalog for SOS From Texas.  Just when you might have given up on organic cotton as too rare, too expensive, or not-to-be-found in the USA, there it is.  Would you believe I found some cute t-shirts on sale there for under $10?

Oldham Farm Family Courtesy:  SOS From Texas

Oldham Farm Family
Courtesy: SOS From Texas

Today’s USA-made clothing creating fair wage jobs is also helping farm families like the Oldhams preserve their heritage.  Gary Oldham says he comes from a family that was growing cotton in Texas a century ago.  He has the photo to prove it.  Oldham proudly continues the tradition with sustainable, organic growing methods like crop rotation, using beneficial insects, and avoiding toxic, persistent pesticides when he grows cotton.

Photos Courtesy:  SOS From Texas

Photos Courtesy: SOS From Texas

According to the Organic Trade Association, conventionally grown cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crops, responsible for a quarter of global insecticide use alone.  Various pesticides are suspected of having links to cancer and other illnesses, as well as polluting waterways and endangering wildlife.  The President’s Cancer Panel has long been calling for further study of pesticides’ affect on human health. SOS stands for “Save Our Soil,” which organic farming methods do through crop rotations and healthy soil building without the damaging effects of synthetic fertilizers or toxic pesticides.

Oldham says when he made the switch from conventional to organic growing, he calculated that it requires four ounces of chemicals to grow one conventional cotton t-shirt.  That’s half the weight of  a t-shirt in chemicals.  Now, the farm business website proudly displays “We Grow T-Shirts” but with organic methods that ditch those toxic chemicals.

The Oldhams’ farm has been certified organic since 1992 with the Texas Department of Agriculture. Their willingness to have their own cotton processed and milled into t-shirts and baby blankets has given this farm family a way to survive through tough economic times.  They proudly support manufacturing jobs in the Carolinas, where they note a sweatshop-free work environment.  SOS From Texas offers wholesale t-shirts for custom boutiques and special events, plus they sell organic cotton fabric by the yard.

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