Who’s Hungry for Pancakes?

Pancakes are one of the soul foods that remind me of my mom and make me want to linger in the kitchen with my entire family on the occasional slow weekend morning.  It was fun to try an update on traditional pancakes recently at the FlourSackMama.com blog, where Stonyfield Organic provided its plain, zero fat yogurt for my peaches & cream pancakes (did I mention I worked a little coconut into that recipe?).


As part of the YoGetter group, I love seeing how other bloggers are using their ingenuity in the kitchen.  Many are home cooks like me, some are professional chefs, they’re all fabulous!  These women were so creative, that I wanted to tell you about their pancake creations:

Ashley at Teachable Mommy encourages us to choose strawberries to punch up our Greek yogurt pancakes.

Meghan at JaMonkey loves her Cafe Latte and found a way to incorporate it into her new pancake recipe.

Trina at O’Boy Organic makes picture perfect chocolate pancakes.

Sarah at Run Far Girl shares her recipe for carrot cake pancakes.  Why didn’t I think of that?

Angela at Happy Fit Mama crafts these scrumptious creations with coconut flour instead of grain.

Micaela at Mindful Momma shows us how to make cherry chip pancakes that her kids crave.

Lori at Groovy Green Livin’ shows us how to incorporate chia seeds and organic Greek yogurt into hearty whole wheat pancakes.

Kristen at Mudpies & Tiaras enhances her perfect pancakes with extra blueberries plus Stonfield Greek blueberry yogurt.

Organic Runner Mom Sandra folds so many of our favorite flavors into her pancakes…banana, coconut and cacao.

Little Island Studios stirs in the goodness of chocolate along with spelt flour.

Thein-Kim at I’m Not the Nanny puts a gourmet twist on here crepe creation.

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