YoKids Organic Yogurt Pouches Review & Giveaway

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I’m not the only mom who gets nostalgic about every little toy her kids play with, am I? This miniature wooden wagon made a great prop for our new delivery of Stonyfield pouches.  I insist on saving all of the wooden, vintage-inspired toys my kids have been playing with — now realizing how fast my kids are outgrowing them.  I suppose holding onto toys is another way of holding onto #RealLifeMoments.


My daughters, both so mature and school-aged, were sure to point out that they were really too big for the “baby” food, although they liked the taste of YoBaby blueberry in the new reclosable pouch.

Their favorite flavor that they’re asking for again is YoKids strawberry banana.  It’s a popular, mild flavor.  Plus, they relate because they think of themselves as “big kids!”


All of these new Stonyfield pouches are found in refrigerated dairy or nutrition/health food sections of your local stores.  Storing them in the fridge, I popped them quickly into my children’s school lunches, no need for a spoon like with yogurt cups.  The packaging is fun enough to make them an eye-catching snack choice for kids on the go.


YoBaby and YoToddler are both made with the whole milk that pediatricians recommend for healthy development.  I’m especially glad to see more choices for families without genetically modified ingredients like high fructuse corn syrup. With all organic ingredients and absolutely no artificial colors or flavors, they’re an easy choice for parents who need some convenient wholesome foods for the little ones.

The only downside to the YoToddler packaging is its ambitious use of vegetables mixed with the fruits.  If my kids had been toddlers and still unable to read the word “beet” listed on the front between the words “strawberry” and “berry,” they would have probably liked the taste of this just fine.  Instead, they decided it was their least favorite.  For all the truth in labeling that consumers want these days, this truthful label backfired at our house. Maybe the word “beet” should be stuck somewhere in the fine print.

Our family’s #RealLifeMoments are busy, with my daughters growing up way too fast.  As much as I’d like to make every meal and snack for them from scratch, real life demands a little convenience food now and then.  With YoKids pouches, Stonyfield offers another wholesome hit for kids!

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